If you are looking for a dynamic leadership speaker, look no further. Andy Karesa will provide leadership lessons in a simple, approachable and digestible format. 

How to lead when you aren’t in charge

Many individuals subscribe to the antiquated notion that without a position of seniority, they are unable to become leaders. In this talk, Andy Karesa provides simple strategies that everyone can use to grow their leadership potential, regardless of role. Why wait for a position of authority to start developing your leadership capability?


understanding your ‘why’

It is human nature for individuals become more motivated when they understand the rationale and justification for a decision. For a leader understanding their why is critical; Whether that is the reason for wanting to become a leader, or the reason your team needs to work together to achieve their goals.


The leadership recipe

No two people have the same leadership path, nor do any two people have the same leadership desires. Some are natural leaders, while others require additional effort. The Leadership Recipe uses Andy Karesa’s life experiences to teach on leadership, through relatable anecdotes.


Tailored Message

Are you looking for a talk that is very unique and specific to your organization or circumstances? Andy Karesa will specially tailor a leadership message for your audience. 




Fantastic job! Andy has effectively shown our CCAB webinar participants easy, authentic and effective ways to grow their leadership capabilities while building-up and empowering co-workers.  Andy has encouraged a whole group of participants to “keep on going”, very encouraging words working through today challenging times

Tracy Morningstar, Manager, Entrepreneurship

Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business



Andy facilitated a Leadership presentation as part of NAIT’s Career Month. During the session, Andy provided simple strategies students could use to grow their leadership potential regardless of their position. Attendees left the session better understanding what it means to be a leader and how to improve their own leadership skills. Attendees particularly appreciated learning about the four pillars of leadership, as well as the many ways to seek leadership early in their career. Thank you for a great session, Andy!

Nicole Blomme, Career and Employment Liaison

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology



You were amazing Andy! Your talk broke leadership down into manageable bite size pieces which carried forward into a great Q&A session. They could have asked questions forever. The sign of a great speaker!

Melissa Leitzell, CEO

Golden Key International Honour Society