Karesa Consulting was created after observing a lack of leadership development resources for professionals early on in their career. We are passionate about providing an avenue to curate and leverage an individual’s past and current experiences to become the best leader they can be.

At Karesa Consulting, we believe that anyone can become a leader; through thoughtful planning and execution, the leadership muscle can be grown and shown. Our business is helping you become the leader you desire to be whether in your career, home or extra curricular activities. 



Uniquely and Exclusively Focused on the Next Generation


A Different Approach

The professional landscape is changing; Gone are the times when an individual would start their leadership development journey once they were in a position of power. This outdated strategy leaves an individual years behind where they could have been. If only they had began developing their leadership potential earlier.

We focus on the early professional’s development, enabling them to have a leg up on those who wait for the perfect job to start their development journey.

Who knows, this leg up could be the reason you get the perfect job?


Unique Strategies

Leadership development is unique for everyone. The next generation of leaders are done a disservice by assuming one type of strategy for development will work for all individuals.

We focus on creating a unique development strategy that will work given your situation and desired results.

Who knows, this could be the reason you become the leader you always wanted to be?


In for the Long Haul

Growth is not a quick process. It takes persistence, dedicated planning and careful execution.

We focus on ensuring there are clear metrics and checkpoints on our client’s leadership journies. We walk through this process, the ups and downs, to make lifelong leaders.

Who knows what opportunities will arise while building your leadership skills?

Recent Testimonials

Andy goes beyond the surface of leadership and takes a methodical and measurable approach to developing one’s leadership potential. Leadership is more than position and Andy works with young professionals to uncover their strengths and develop strategies to go from their weaknesses. I have watched Andy’s passion to guide and support the next generation of leaders, seeing potential in its raw form and finding opportunities to grow until they are ready to take on the responsibility of leadership.


The tools and avenues provided by Andy have certainly helped me establish long term success when deployed for my professional growth and development. Through his servant leadership strategies to coach (young) professionals like myself remotely and in-person, at the convenience of both parties has made Andy very approachable, trust worthy and a mentor I can invest my time for efforts leading to fruition.